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MORRIS POTASHNER, 76: A good guy and a real mensch. Wearing his hippie tie dyes and platform boots, "Morry" (as his wife IDA refers to him) likes nothing more than spending long peaceful hours chilling with his buddies at the Pressure Drop Club. Morris refuses to have the operation for his glaucoma as he vowed long ago never to set foot into a hospital as a patient.

Morris was introduced to the Pressure Drop Club by his grandson, DAVID, 18, who discovered its web site on the Net and figured its marijuana treatment would provide an interesting alternative to the glaucoma operation.

On the heels of their successful NYU short film version of PRESSURE DROP, Marc Ostrick and Ezra Soiferman set out to take the story of the senior citizens who discover medical marijuana to the next level. Together they wrote the screenplay for the feature film version of this unique saga and began setting things in motion to bring it to the big screen.

As in the short, PRESSURE DROP, the feature, will tell the story of Morris Potashner, the elderly grandpa who combats his acute glaucoma with a controversial, arguably therapeutic, cannabis treatment.

Whereas in the short, Morris's battle lay in convincing his wife that this treatment is a valid one, the full-length version of PRESSURE DROP has Morris and his hippy senior citizen buddies from the Pressure Drop Club taking it upon themselves to convince the people and government of the United States that pot should be legalized to help ease the suffering of those with serious illnesses.

Morris, David, and the Pressure Drop Club members become media darlings as much of America's attention is cast on their collossal marijuana as medicine campaign, code named "Pennies-For-Pot-For Health".

But will they succeed in turning their dream into a reality? And will they manage to stay out of prison long enough to enact their master plan? To find out, you'll have to see the feature version of PRESSURE DROP currently being developed by Mensch films.