As in the production of a film, a web site's construction takes the combined talent, effort and time of a devoted team of contributors. Here is a list of those who have helped make pressuredrop.com a reality.

This site is dedicated to Beryl Pofelis, grandfather to
Mika Goodfriend and Ezra Soiferman.
An inestimable influence, his presence will always be felt.

Web Site Produced by
Mensch Films

Site Created by
Mika Goodfriend and Ezra Soiferman
for Perpetuum Productions

Site Designer & DVD Design
Mika Goodfriend

Hand Drawn Artwork
(Website & DVD
Osgood Perkins

Legal Advice
Paul Flicker

Official Site Testers
Johnny Dizgun
Sam Kaufman
Oliver Lavery
Leo Mullett
Rivke Pofelis
Shana Pofelis
Anne Soiferman

Eye Chart Quote
Bruce Springsteen, "Rosalita"

Special Thanks To
Julien Belletiste
Jean-Francois Charland
Jacques DesRochers
Jake Fichten
Chana Goodfriend
Gerry Goodfriend
Judy Gradinger
Doron Goldstein
Tim Hobbs
Stephane Korning
Michael Lawson
Sherry Osborne
Marc Ostrick
Alex Narvey
André Pinces
Adam Steinman
Susan VanGelder
Steffan K. Watkins

Thanks to the Ostrick and Soiferman families who have supported PRESSURE DROP from day one and to Roz Frankel and Mike Stahl for their generousity.

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