Here are the awards the Pressure Drop Web Site has won. Those who contributed to the creation of the site feel high having had their creative efforts recognized.

Botdae Great Site Award
"A *very* nice site!! Good design and
tasteful graphics and your information
is presented well and easy to access."
Jong-Kwen Choi June 16, 1997

HHH Award
Award for an exceptional page on the Web
May 4, 1997

Award for Nonconformity
For originality, organization and design
May 7, 1997

MrB's Top Ten Award
Demonstrating fresh, interesting and
above all artistic ability by the author

May 11, 1997

Gifted Fox Award
"Very nice site! Made me smile. You are
very talented with HTML and graphics.
Talent wins the Gifted Fox Award.
Keep up the great work!" Katerine Fox
May 13, 1997

Deneika's Award
Deneika's Hot Spot Award for
overall site design excellence
May 30, 1997

Award For Graphical
Presented to sites with superior
graphics and design
June 14, 1997

Lynx of the Week List
Rated a "10" out of 10
May 4, 1997