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RAJNEESH KULDIP, 68: A real seer, Rajneesh doesn't have glaucoma but hangs out at the Pressure Drop Club "because he digs the atmosphere." The silent type, all of Rajneesh's expressions are physical, and since he's a master at meditation... some are mental too. Good buddies with SLOOP KRAZELBAUM, 18 (Morris's grandson DAVID's buddy). The two can often be spotted jamming together in Greenwich Village's Washington Square Park, Sloop on the tabla drum and Raj on his shurenghi sitar.

Everyone has an opinion about whether or not
marijuana should be used as medicine.

Scroll down and take a look at some of the letters we've
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Jay, 44, Oregon

Nice film. With all the different types of budz available, some are more medicinal than others....and some will get you a DUI... I smoke a half oz a week. I don't think it's a problem. You smoke a half ounce of anything, and you got a problem. I have lost jobs. A couple of them. Good ones too. As I get in my car to leave the plant for the last time (once again), I say to myself "Why can't I smoke in peace?" Running a table saw in a wood mill could be very dangerous... And responsible as I am, I NEVER smoke on the job. But the damn tests.... get me every time. In GREEN Oregon, they are hip to radiated piss, and switchouts. I found it ironic as I wound thru the parking lot traffic (during the lunchtime bell), that all the meth and crack heads (that can clean up in 3 days) still had their jobs... and the chronic smoker had to walk the plank. It's nice to promote the pro's of marijuana, but make aware of the unfortunates that can happen also. For curious virgin users that might grace your page.

Jake, 15

for real pot not the bad, i stick to the positive and negative sides. yea it f*cks up ur lungs. yea it f*cks with ur brain. u may not be a genius but who is? i know a lot of smartass potheads smarter than ppl who don't smoke shit. there's alot of rumors n who the heck knows wut's true? my words to live by: life's short, live it up. what's our purpose for bein here anyway? is it to give money to the government n make our world revolve aorund them? f*ck that. live ur f*ckin life how u want. just b smart with it n don't go overboard n get urself in trouble with the law. i live my life the way i want and i'm punished now cuz my mom found my stash but whatevr. im thinkin about stoppin but i prolly wont. ppl say i'm known to have an addictive personality. i say no i can stop if i want n maybe i will. point is who cares if it's good or bad if u like it n thats the way u wanna live. f*ckin go for it. its ur life don't let authority overrun u.

Johnny, 32, Hesperia, California

I LOVE IT !!!!

Monte, 17, Upland

I have been smoking for 2 years my parents would kill me if thay found out...but i do it any ways cuz it gets me to my peaceful side, im a raper to it help me see every thing going on around me.i think it should be used as a medicine and for your own uses. if i had to pick between a bong and a blunt i would pick a blunt.......i love marijuana!!

Oshay, 17, Sacramento, California

That weed is so good if people uses in the rite way. and i smoke on certain days but not everyday, and my question to you is, would it make a difference in the future?

Jessica, 21, Tillamook

I believe marijuana as well as halliginics(i know i didnt spell that right) should be used as medicine. their use in therapy and health related issues are remarkable. no pill prescribed by a doc fixes anything, it only momentarily hides the 'problem', while weed and other halligens bring out the problem and/or help you face them. people criticize those who believe in TRIPS because there SCAAAARED of letting the ego down and letting people think for themselves. for the control freaks out there it would be chaos. n-e ways, back on the topic, in moderate use i give a whoppin 110% but there's no one answer to what moderate means. its individualized and that's where responsibility in-sorts comes in. so to each their own. if sitting on a couch all day stoned or tripping makes you happy... go for it. if working hard all day makes you happy... go for it. the point is being happy, as long as it's not at the expense of another. if smoking weed hurt someone you care for just because they think it's 'WRONG' you're not making them unhappy, they are.. tootos.

Joey, 16, Dallas

I've been smoking Marijuana for about 3 years off and on now and I have to say that I love Marijuana and think that it should be legalized. It makes me calm, happy, positive, and smarter. I used to have a really bad temper but now I dont anymore that I smoke Marijuana. I am an everyday smoker. I usually just smoke about one to two bowls a day but most of my weed is really good though. I also used to drink alot but now that I smoke weed I rarely drink, maybe a beer or two every now and then. Alcohol is the leading cause of car accidents but Marijuana isn't and it's still illegal. I've drove high tons of times and still haven't been in a single wreck. Thats why I think Marijuana should be legalized.


Hello! great idea of color of this site!

F. Sobhani, Edmonton

Without the herb I may go blind and it cured my chronic depression!

Leigh, 18, West Tisbury

Just legalize it already. It's better (I mean 'less bad') for you than cigars, pipes or cigarettes and it cannot be overdosed on. It is not addicting and has been proven to lessen the effects of alzheimers and glaucoma. And to top it all off, it relieves stress, joint pains and aggression. Let the smokers smoke and let Darwin figure it all out. After all, if a person dies from smoking pot they weren't very smart to begin with.

Tif, 16

I have smoked weed excessivley 3 times a day or more for the past year and even tho i love being high and having a good time I've regretted doing it as much as I have. It's messed my marks up at school, caused my eyes to f*ck up, parents lost trust in me and old friends are no longer friends. One thing you should know before you start smoking weed is don't let it overrule your life, you don't need drugs to help you have a better time, it may help but I can have just the same amount of fun sober!

Rob, 32, Harbor

Marijuana is a medicine. Without it, people would get out of control. This is our freedom to do as we please, each one of us. Those who are against it have not tried it to see the benefits.

Ryan D, 23, New Jersey

I have been smoking for the past 8 years and I just went out and PAID for my OWN glass bong. I'm a surfer and I love smoking before I surf. I love smoking with my friends and get really messed up! I say marijuana should be legalized.

Kathleen, 45, Australia

I partake in moderation for pain relief from arthritis. I prefer to smoke a joint than take prescribed pain killers, which do bad stuff to my stomach. I only smoke 1-2 joints a night. It relieves pain and enables me to sleep. I consider alcohol, cigarettes and prescribed drugs much worse than weed. Excellent film. Thanks for bringing awareness to the ignorant.

Dave Matthews, Englewood, NJ

I believe pot should be legalized because of many reasons. One would be medicimal purposes. The second is cigarettes which are detrimental to your health as well as alcohol, but they are legal already. The third reason would be weed is grown from the earth and God put it here for a reason. So when you smoke pot and it makes you feel better. Why is it considered bad? I love to smoke trees!

Billy, 19, Salina

Dude, I just watched the movie on YouTube. OMG! It Rocks! I live in the lamest town ever. It is so boring... All I want to do is GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE!! Instead I work at Walmart. If it wasn't for weed and the web, I think I'd go crazy. Just wanted to say :) for rocking my world and thanks for keeping the 420 spirit alive and well. Can't wait till the feature!!!!

David, 26, Charleston

Poke Smot!

Jason, 34, Ohio

I love weed... I've been in a lot of trouble with alcohol. Never any trouble with weed. I wish it was legal. I might quit cigarettes. ROCK ON WEED LOVERS & THE FIGHT TO LEGALIZE IT SOME GREAT DAY!

MeG-A-RoO, 16

I think weed should be legalized... but not only for medicine, but for fun. I mean all u potheads out there know smoking is soooooo much fun, and u know how they say kids that smoke or we do stupid shit well all u potheads out there know that when u get done smoking a fat one all u want to do is sit around and eat... its not like u want to go out on a killing spree. Well yeah, they should legalize it.

Bustos, 18, Visalia


I.M. Wise, 30, Montreal

Pressure drop has to be one of the most adorable films I have ever seen! Kudos to you guys for working so hard to do such a great job! Mazel Tov! I do believe that Marijuana should be used for medicinal purposes 100%! From experience, I have learned that moderate use of any substance seems to be most effective for all. Enjoy life to it's fullest but beware the temptation to overindulge in all the "treats" this world has to offer!

Dee Brown, 29, Tennessee

i love weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

Hannah, 16, Geelong

BoNgS aRe should b legal u should turn it into a sleepin drug lol hahahaha u get high like a butterfly stoned right now lol BONG ON AUSTRALIA!! :)

Tom, 15, Naperville

It's exactly the kind of attitude potheads have that makes it an illegal drug. There are two types of potheads, those that smoke when they have freetime once or twice a month, and those that dream about smoking it every waking minute and smoke it as much as possible. Its the same thing with beer, the drinking age is 21 because they know kids would go off the hook and drink like crazy, and the death rate would increase ten fold, because frankly, Children are idiots. Alot of people my age are idiots also. Pot is a drug, and it can be used as a medical drug, but not for some free time activity. People going around on the streets altering their minds legally just sounds ignorant of this country. We are supposed to be better than that.

Kaprechia, 15, Houston

It's ok if u want to get cuz u messin yo self up.

Leah Anderson, 31

I say it's crazy not to have marijuana legalized - regardless if it's for medical or personal use. That is just flat out a violation of our freedom as Americans.

Karen, New York City

A friend came over on Saturday and saw a "Mensch films" box in our video collection and was intrigued. We quickly dusted off our VCR and put in the venerable Pressure Drop short, and I must say, that film still delights. It's as brilliant and as hilarious as ever! We fell in love with the Potashners all over again!

April, 20, Indianapolis


T. Ortiz, 18, Orange Grove

I say no because the fact that they could be able to get it whenever the wanted
and what if they started to sell it. and plus if that person wanted to they could
take advantage of the situation and do it just to get high instead of using it for
medical reasons.

Michael, 17, Boise

"Life's too short, and then you die. So smoke a doobie, lets all get high"

Ken Gorman, 59, Denver

I'm a legal medical marijuana patient in Colorado (I helped pass the law).
I'm currently planning for the 420 Festival in Denver and am also gettin' ready to become governor of this state in 2006. I'll turn the capitol dome upside down and make it into a bowl.

Tim, 19, Columbia

Marijuana is bad. Just kidding, getting high is the best.

Mary Jane,

I say it should be legalized all around I know the effects, and they are great ones. It is too over rated. We should be free to do what we want.

Dominique, 14, San Diego

I think weed is good for u so if u don't smoke then get ur ass up and try it.I gota say weed is the best thing in the world.I would ask my mom for some money and by this because I gota say why wait when u can live ur life as a smoker. 4:20

Jaime, 16, Mesa

I think marijuana should be legalizied not only for medical reasons but for every desire! its not fair that my mom could smoke when she was in high school without getting introuble. So why is it illegal now? Congress is just trying to ruin our lives. One or these days someone is going to pass it and make it legal.

Adam, 25, Austin

I think there may be a medical benefit to marijuana, but to say beer should be illegal and pot legal is total stupidity. I could care less if anything is illegal, but beer is definately less destructive than alcohol. You can have a few beers and have a mild buzz for a couple hours, you cannot smoke weed without getting a lot higher for a lot longer. I guess a pothead would think that beer is worse. I know millions upon millions of successful alcoholics. I know of no truly successful potheads. I've heard about him, I've just never met him. I will give that one in a hundred million musicians that do pot are successful and the same goes in the other arts.

Veronica, 17, Houston


Jay, 21, Paterson

I love to smoke pot...... that's the only thing i think about when i wake up in the morning I smoke like 6 blunts a day...

Crystal, 19, Venice Beach

I say marijuana is good shit and it should be legal not just for medical purposes, so there.

Drisa, 27, Boston

I agree with the guy with anxiety. Pot is much kinder than Xanax and not physically addictive.

Alex, 18

Dude! My mom took me to the Boston Jewish Film Festival like seven or eight years ago. I was only ten years old then and really didn't want to go. But I could never forget the movie about the old people smoking weed. That was the first time I even knew about weed and my mom laughed the whole time. I have to admit, I didn't get it really, but I'm in my freshman year at Brown and just started smoking bongloads and found your site on the internet. I am totally freaked right now. Can I get a copy so I can turn all my friends on to Morris and the crew?

Kelly, 14, Lee Summit

Marijuana shouldn't be used in medicine because its an illegal drug.

Karen, New York City

A friend came over on Saturday and saw a "Mensch films" box in our video collection and was intrigued. We quickly dusted off our VCR and put in the venerable

Pressure Drop short, and I must say, that film still delights. It's as brilliant and as hilarious as ever! We fell in love with the Potashners all over again!

Johnny, 47, San Diego

Am lately wondering if I can sue the Beatles for the ending of I am the Walrus, where they say "Smoke pot, smoke pot, everybody smoke pot." Well, I took that advise 35 years ago when I was 12 and am now looking back at a screwed up life that was caused by marijuana addiction and believe me, it is physically adicting! WHoever told you it ain't is full of crap. Try quiting after 33 years and see if you don't have some hellacious nightmares! Oh my God, what my life could have been without the devils weed. Sure go ahead, legalize, decriminalize. F**** if people wanna buy a gun and blow their brains out all over the sidewalk freekin let em.. we don't need them anyway! SO sit there and take a toke an tell me I'm full of shit, I'll talk to you when you are 50 and see what hindsight tells ya my man.. But if you must smoke the shit, stay the hell away from that crummy mex poison which has been who knows where and been treated with who knows what. Maybe we should sue the govt for keeping us from growing.

Anthony, 19, Brooklyn

F*ck the world we need some chronic in our life we need to smoke our lungs out and call it a day!!!!!!

Terri, 37, Phoenix

Anxiety has always been somewhat of an issue for me. I have seen doctors and tried a variety of medications. They all come with warnings about the impairments they cause and urge you not to perform possibly hazardous tasks, like driving! Hello, who doesn't need to drive? And then, after you are physically addicted, they want to put you through the torture of weening you off them. Forget that. Who wants to now feel crappy for weeks while your trying to get off those stupid pills, that supposedly help. I always end up returning to my self-medicating. A few hits off a joint, and I am good to go. No more anxiety and stress feelings. That easy. And it was grown staight from the ground, not made in a lab, and proven NOT to be physically addictive. It should be just as legal as alcohol in my opinion. 4:11

P. Mohindra, Detroit

I think all drugs should be legalized so everyone can get high whenever they need to.

Billy Smith, Albuquerque, NM


Pressure Drop is probably the funniest film I've ever seen, and I've talked about it since a viewing in Albuquerque, where it was played before another, longer movie about marijuana that I remember nothing about.

Kitty, 39, Raeford, NC

I do believe pot should be legalized, after watching many family members go through cancer. Another medical observation, is that as a child, but mostly as teenager, not understanding my bi-polar, ADHD, thyroid problem, I turned to self medication. Now as an adult, all the ritalin, concerta, adderall, and valium, ambien, tequlia, and whatever other "self -medication" as if through the doctor, or through just a couple of beers at the end of the day.

I STRONGLY believe that something grown from GOD, and not chemically made in a lab has got to be better for my alcoholic liver, my burnt out kidneys, and my hypertension, and large numbers on my last blood pressure test and cholesterol reading.


Bradley, 18, Vancouver, BC

Don't legalize, decriminalize. Legalization is what the government wants so they can tax the sh*t outta weed and control the selling of it. Also, it probably wont be as potent. I say f*ck that, my weed is the only thing government hasn't f*cked with, so there is no reason to start now!

Alex, 25, Seattle, WA

Can you snort weed? I've been jonesing to try it.

Bernie, 45, Maplewood, NJ

I am an ophthalmologist, with patients using cannabis on their own. The substance is definitely effective, and I believe it should be legalized.

Colin Walker, 30, South Africa

I'm writing from Johannesburg South Africa and I need your help. There's a quote in the bible that goes a little something like this: "God gave us every seed-bearing plant and herb to use."

Do you know where it's from in the Bible? Answer:

Sure, Colin, it's from the Old Testament, Book of Genesis: "And On the fourth day, God said, let the earth bring forth grass, herb yielding seed, and fruit trees yielding fruit after its kind: and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, herb yielding seed, and fruit trees yielding fruit after its kind, and God saw it was good!"

Bob, 18, Boise, ID

Smoking pot f*%kin' rules! I saw your site and I was like "this is totally stoney". My friends came over and I showed them the site... one of them actually saw the film before. He said your movie was f*%kin' awesome and like when he gets high he talks like Morris and then I was like 'let's all get high and talk like Morris and make it like a thing, you know...' That was like two weeks ago and now everyone is talkin' like Morris when they get high. I want to make films too, dude, and like if I can help in any way on the feature, I would be honored to be your humble servant. I can smoke you out every day with the Idaho kind... Let me know, bro and keep smoking.

Charles, 40, Roseville, MI

I had the pleasure to see "Pressure Drop" presented at the PRA petition drive symposium in Ann Arbor the day before Hash Bash. Elvy Musikka was one of the guest speakers. We're all working very hard here in Michigan to get the laws changed so that we may not only stop arresting and incarcerating people with debilitating illnesses such as glaucoma but so that eventually, the whole country may open their eyes and see that there is a more effective and natural treatment.

Stacey, 16, Reading, PA

I think Ralph Nader should be elected president and that it should be legal to all for all reasons. We should make alcohol illegal and weed not illegal because after all, people who take advantage of weed just eat and go to sleep, people who take advantage of alcohol turn into something they aren't. There's something unnatural and totally chemical inside alcohol. Lets bring back the love of the 60's and get rid of all the other useless expensive and life threatening drugs out there and replace them with weed.

Bradley, 18, Vancouver

Don't legalize, decriminalize. Legalization is what the government wants so they can tax the sh*t outta weed and control the selling of it. Also it probably won't be as potent. I say f*%k that. My weed is the only thing the government hasn't f*%ked with, so there is no reason to start now!

Kitty, 39, Raeford, NC

I do believe pot should be legalized, after watching many family members go through cancer.
Another medical observation is that as a child, but mostly as a teenager, not understanding my bi-polar, ADHD, thyroid problem, I turned to self medication. Now as an adult I take ritalin, concerta, adderall, and valium and ambien, tequlia, and whatever other "self -medication" through the doctor, or through just a couple of beers at the end of the day.

I STRONGLY believe that something grown from GOD, and not chemically made in a lab has got to be better for my alcoholic liver, my burnt out kidneys, and my hypertension, and large numbers on my last blood pressure test and cholesterol reading.


Kathie, 17

I think marijuana should be legalized for people with illnesses such as cancer. I also believe it should be legalized for other illnesses. Chemical imbalances in the brain could very possibly be helped with the aid of marijuana. This is a personal issue with me, as I've been diagnosed with depression, and the use of Rx treatments have done nothing.

Ez Dan, 44

America needs Pressure Drop! I saw it at the Enzian Theater in the company of Elvy Musikka, one of only 8 people in the US getting their 'medicine' from the Gov't. We were blown away by the humor and the honesty it presented. We got to meet one of the producers and Elvy spoke to the crowd for a few minutes.

As an active activist, I have to say that that film has more potential to do good (IE.Gently changing peoples minds, one by one, by gibing them what they've never had... a way to relate to this issue) than any Hempfest, Drug Policy Conference, or Organizational meeting that I have ever attented. It grabs from the onset and doesn't let go. Please guys… maintain that level of 'from the Heart' style.

I so much want a copy of this to show my friends, fellow activists. My parents etc. Please make them available. I won't comment on the Movie "WEED" except to say that only "Pressure Drop' Got a standing ovation.

Please distribute the 'Short' as widely as possible. 'The Full Length Feature' I await with much anticipation... But in the meantime, people are dying in jail, seperated from their Nausea relief but allowed to take the Gov't approved, Profit oriented Drugs that can keep them alive. Your powerful little film could make a serious difference, but it needs to be in more hands. That's just an opinion and you know how available they are. Much Peace to the makers of this film. EZ-DAN

Michael, 26

I saw the film Pressure Drop in San Francisco and I must say that it reminded me of why I started smoking pot in the first place. Not only was it a wonderful film, I placed the VHS tape in my Hydroponic growing environment and sure enough 6 weeks later it sprouted some some the best stuff I've smoked in ages. THANKS DUDES!

Greg, 22

The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes is a valiant idea. "Weed" offers relief for terminal illnesses such as cancer and other debilitating conditions. I also believe that marijuana can be used by people with certain chemical inbalances in their brain. I feel as though herb can solidify and aid people in relaxation of the mind. It seems viable that it could be used in massage/chiropractry. Many uses for a non-violent drug to aid in healing and relief of pain.

Thom, 46

I saw Pressure Drop in Ann Arbor last year. It was 10 times better than the feature film that was showing! To hell with winning a copy of the short, just tell me how much and where to send the cash!

Ruth, 40

Interesting site! It was good to see comments and testimonials from older adults. Keep up the good work!

Joanne, 30

If marijuana use for medication purposess can be proven, then I would certainly approve of its use. Although, I believe a lot of persons will "fake" an illness just to get marijuan. On the other hand, who's to say that a person with a "real" illness, would not sell their supply of marijuana to their friends or reletives. I think regulating the use of marijuana for medical reasons will be very very difficult, to ensure that only truly "sick" persons receive it.

Hughdog, 18

I feel marijuana is not harmful at all. In fact I think people are noticing it everyday. I just wish the Facts will come out proving this theory and if it is proving harmful I know it will make a difference. Believe it or not, I have no doubt that it is helpful more than painful.

Chris, 18

Screw the government and all those ignorant people who are keeping it illegal! They say it increases your heartbeat, wow, walking does the same. It increases your appetite, wow, wait a couple hours it'll increase anyways. It makes your eyes bloodshot, damn, I'm gonna die. The ignorance of people is just downright sick. Anyways, nice page, it's very informative. Keep it real.

Chris aka Juggalo 420

Christina, 18 years old

Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!

Fred, 24


I saw PRESSURE DROP last year in Ann Arbor and am thrilled to have run across your web site! Please tell me how I can get
my own copy of PRESSURE DROP. I can't wait for your response.


Drake, 20

420 says it all!

Scott, 17

This page is very structured. I found all the information I read to be very informative. The section on propostion 215 was very interesting. Good luck on the film! You should come to Maine!

Jeremy, 18

I must first say that this is a great site. And yes I do feel marijuana should be legalizied, not only for medical use but for all use. If the government was to control the cultivation and selling of marijuana things would be so much easier. The government could easily tax it and make a killing on the profits. Also the country would be so much happier all the time, I would be willing to put my life down on the fact that murder, rape, vandelism, and random acts of violence would dramatically drop. Hey if you know of any shows going on in Lexington please send me an email. Once again, great site and keep puffing. "420 4 LIFE"

Camila, 19

My mom has been smoking pot for her migranes, and here in Guatemala it so cheap and accesible that anybody can buy it, we just might as well legalize it

Matthew, 25

This one is ruff...yet needed. When I was 12 years old my mother got very sick. I did not understand cancer at the time, or why she stoped kemo and died shorly afterword.

Not until I grew up did I understand that kemo made her sick and all the counter active drugs only made her worse. All she needed was a little controled substance and she could of eaten. She could of smiled and continued with kem. So think about it, if everyone could just see their mom sick and dying, even Newt would legalize.

Brendan, 20

Interesting site! Pressure Drop's premise sounds really cool. I doubt it will ever be released in South Africa though, so I'm going to have to find it in NYC if I manage to get there in December.


South Africa: Home to some of the finest spliff in the world.

J. Foster, 28

I believe that God is a compassionate person who created man for good and herbs for our healing. I believe that if herbs can take away some of the pain we feel because of our illnesses, then so be it.

P.S. I loved the movie! It was a riot!

Jeff, 30

Saw "Pressure Drop" last night in los angeles along with Doug Wolen's film, "Weed", which I found a bit boring and unintelligible....but, little did I expect that your film would steal the evening! In fact I was so taken with it that I would love to own a copy of the film. I am a beginning filmmaker with some pretty way out ideas, and many of them have to with filming people in situations with marijuana.

How do I go about obtaining a copy of your film? Was it shot on 16mm? What kind of budget did you need? By the way, my wife is 6 months pregnant with a boy, and we have already decided on Ezra as the, name. By meandering deduction, you must be a pretty cool guy.

Thanks for any info you can provide!

Annelise, 24

I just happened to fall onto your site and I really think it's great. I wish you the best of luck in your future feature film. I really think this is a message that's worth sending. I have read some of your letters from older folks and I really feel for them. My grandparents have medical problems that maybe marijuana would help. I can't say I have ever tried it or would like to but I feel that if it can help people ease pain and make their life more comfortable than do it.

Again, Good luck.

I hope you can make a difference.

Christian, 21

Roll Roll a joint, twist it in the end, take a puff, and pass it to a friend!

Hank, 18

Marijuana is GREAT!

Reform in society is a ongoing and assimilating process.

Being a first generation American has taught me alot about the power of change. Both of my parents are from Ireland. From the day I was born, I've had an archaic system of rules, morals and beliefs forced upon myself that are more befitting of a 18th century Irish potatoe farm than a civilization on the brink of a new millenium. Not to say that this is a bad thing, for the typical American today, being born into a typical middle class family, has an equally old and useless system often reffered to as "idilized societal expectations". Like pirates of old, Mysterious mega-wealthy petrified prunes that maraud the "waters" of sociatal reform keeping things the way that benifit them most.

The good of the many outweighs the good of a few

Like Many rebelious teenagers, I have trained my parents by saying,
"This is my life, my world. I'll smoke pot or die trying. The door is open to my hot-boxed stagecoach, get in, your letting out the box out or be left behind in the dust."

Question Reality

The prophecy has been fulfilled. Those who do not think for themselves, will be led to the slaughter. Soon all the anti-hemp fossils with their lambs, incapable of independent thought, will be dead and gone.

Who tells you what you belief? You probably don't even know

Even now, as the truth rises to the top, and I, the shepard go to assemble my flock, but I do not look for the weak, feeble or brain-dead. I will take the strong that think for themselves, those who question this world, those with the courage to make their own path through life.

If a fossils' lamb should strike me down, then there will be another, to pick up my staff and march onwards, and when she falls, there WILL be another. This is the process of life. The goal of life is eternity in my self-sufficent mind. Life finds a way to survive. We need this to survive. No, Marijiquana is not a neccesity to life but the right to smoke whatever I want , be it a volumptious H-Town chronic nugget or my 18 inch tires on the asphalt at Hot August Nights. We love pot for everything it stands for: Freedom, hope and love.

The Japanese are taking over the world market.
I could really care less.

Eventually we as a nation will grow into a economic superpower once again with a foundation based on hemp and its bi-products.

Japanese are great people and should be recognized for their efforts. They don't have much in the way of square footage on their island. Yet they found a way around it, computer technologies and semi-conductores. Such is the way of life. The way for America and possibly many other nations is looking us straight in the eyes, yet we pretend it doesn't exist much the same way we avoid eye contact at a Disco, with some sexy, intruging stranger yet we are not willing to just take the chance.

I say we at least try legalization.

Even if it fails, still no one dies. NO BIG LOSS.

If the anti-hemp side of the war believes that legalization of hemp and all drugs ultimately is wrong and negative to society, then legalization is the best way to prove it.

Sure, the ensuing 5 years most likely will be filled with havoc while we adjust, but hey, thats the price we pay for straying from the American foundation: freedom.

I LOVED Pressure Drop. I recently viewed it as a added bonus that showed with an independently directed movie called "Weed", near my home town. Pressure Drop far outdid even the feature presentation. I sat awstruck as Morris hit a six-footer. I had never thought I would see a bong, larger than life, on the big screen. Its not really a big deal untill you think about all that is being done to suppress our rights. The director has gotten the ball rolling towards our ultimate goal, legalization. Maybee some day, I can help the ball on its path, crushing everyone and everything in its way. God bless Marc Ostrick and Ezra Soiferman! Keep up the good work.

Kevin, 25

I just saw the picture last night and it was more than great, it blew the other feature "weed" out of the bong! I really can't say much else than it made me laugh really hard and it had the best message of all: pot is good, pot is great, legalize today , before its too late. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your film.

Love Kevin.

Anonymous, 25

I was waiting for a site such as this to come along ever since that whole Cali thing. You know, with the Proposition and stuff. Just one question, what about that guy from Grumpier Old Men, Walter Matthau, for the role of Morris POTashner?

Rivke, 84

I recommend this treatment for glaucoma patients if the medical authorities find it even halfway helpful. It can be helpful to give the patient some hope of a little eyesight and perhaps save them from going blind.

My husband who suffered from glaucoma for several years, even though he had several operations for the disease, became totally blind in his last three years of life. Had I heard about this treatment before his operations, I certainly would have considered it as an option instead of the operation.

If doctors would take it up as a legitimate option in lieu of operations which sometimes do not work, it might give a lot of people a new hope against this terrible disease.

Adam, 29

I think everyone should smoke pot for whatever ails them. I smoke for my asthma. just a little to keep the old lungs clear. COME TO THE 27TH ANNUAL ANN ARBOR HASH BASH SATURDAY APRIL 4TH AT HIGH NOON!

Alan, 42

It's natural, it releives minor pains. It has a slight health risk no worse than some other medications. Yes to Medical Marijuana!

Dove, 16

Marijuana is not good for everyone... IT can be used as a medicine... Marijuana can ruin everyone's brain cells.. But marijuana can make you feel good and forget your problems... It sometimes helps you, at my school almost everyone use it.

Gerard, 31

This summer, as I was on holliday in San Francisco CA during the Pride festivities, I had the oportunity to march in the Pride Parade float of the Medical Marijuana Club.There was a 76 years young woman in a wheelchair and a sign that said: 76 years young and MJ is my Rx.

Dozens of assorted colorfull queers & their friends proudly showed their support, to a crowd of half a million, for the medicinal use of marijuana.
It is proposterous that a civilisation that bills itself as "advanced" outlaws our God given right to use the fruit of our common garden!

It is not only anti-people, it is anti-nature and therefore degenarate behavior by our elected representatives and their justice system.

The people must take action. It is our responsability to work towards a day when all plants are decriminalized.

Peace to all, Gerard.

Brad, 23

Hey man I just went and saw your movie last weekend and I wanted to say it was great. The film was absolutly hilariuos yet it's message was valid. I eagerly await the feature film. I would like to see the short on video for sale or on comedy central. 4:20 forever let me be high or die

Sarah, 16
Dear Pressure Drop Web Site,

class report on medical marijuana was due yesterday. I thought I'd send you a copy! I used the Pot4Health section as a reference for it and am very grateful. I enjoyed your site and found it very helpful. Pot is certainly good for all people.

Caz, 17

I guess I'm what you'd call pro pot because I smoke every now and then and think it should be legalized. I don't however agree with most of the voices of my generation who seem to be making themselves heard. I'm talking about the predominant group who aren't thinking things through and are just out there yelling "legalize it": it's just not that simple.

Yes, legalization IN THE LONG RUN is a goal to shoot for, but there are things that need to be taken into consideration. If we decide to just suddenly legalize marijuana, we'll end up with a lot of problems. Although I'm usually pretty good at letting people have their own opinions, those who say marijuana cannot lead to addiction or use of other drugs are just plain wrong. I've seen friends of mine go downhill and while you could argue that this is because they got into other drugs, marijuana still played a large part in getting them there. It's logical that if you're spending a lot of time around drugs, you're going to be exposed to a lot of things you otherwise wouldn't be.

I count myself lucky that just because of where I'm coming from and what I've seen, I'll never go down that road. Everybody's different though and people can be influenced, some more than others. I'm not talking about the shadowy, evil drug dealer or user forcing little Johnny to "come on, everybody's doing it". I'm a teenager and I'm living this so I don't feel like I have anything to prove to anyone. In other words, don't answer this letter by telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm confident that I do.

Legalization is still the way to go though, only an appropriate method needs to be come up with for dealing with the resulting areas of controversy. Some control is good, maybe some sort of a safety net to catch people who might otherwise end up smoking their lives away. The first few years after marijuana has been legalized will be the worst as far as people going crazy with the herb and till things smooth out thigs will need to be controlled.

Anyway this letter's gone on long enough but I'll end with this: beating the system will never be the way to get what we want, no matter what that might be. We are the system. We just need to work with what's already there and rearange it realisticaly to get what we want. Things are almost never black and white: there is no one adversary standing between you and your goal.

Ann, 83

I feel that if marijuana smoking helps these elderly people live a kinder and less painful life, more power to them. Let them smoke the marijuana to their hearts'

David, 25

I have seen the short version of Pressure Drop and can attest to its greatness.

I commend the creators of the movie and this website for going a long way to raise the important issue of the medical use of marijuana. I agree with the premise that it should be legal to administer marijuana to sick people, and even to healthy people. I am personally acquainted with numerous people who use this medicine as a preventative measure, and not one of these people has glaucoma! What more can I say?

Keep up the good work, Mensch!